Nityanand Charan Das

Life Lessons from the Gita

Embark on a transformative journey with our Bhagavad Gita course, where the profound wisdom of this timeless scripture comes to life. This course goes beyond imparting knowledge; it aims to seamlessly integrate the learnings into the very fabric of your contemporary existence. The teachings aim to cultivate resilience, balance, and a deeper connection with one's self. With Nityanand Charan Das' practical guidance and profound wisdom, unlock personal growth and emotional mastery.

Meet Your Guide

Nityanand Charan Das is a revered spiritual guide and teacher known for his deep understanding of ancient wisdom and a practicing monk at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple, Iskcon Chowpatty, Mumbai. With a profound commitment to imparting transformative teachings, Das facilitates spiritual growth and self-discovery. His unique approach blends traditional wisdom with practical applications, offering a harmonious path for individuals seeking enlightenment and inner balance.


He has been my guide, friend and the best introduction to the divine. His simple yet most effective teachings, brilliantly authored books and most humble and friendly nature makes one gravitate t...

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Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal


I highly recommend this course. It has unraveled a profound understanding of karma, shedding light on the notion that those who gain deserve it rightfully. Letting go of envy became a liberating ...

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Director, Netflix

Course Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the course?

To enroll in the Nityanand course, you need to create an account on the Soul Sama platform. Once you've created an account, you can proceed to make the payment for the course.

How do I make the payment for the course?

After creating your Soul Sama account, you can proceed to make the payment. We accept various payment methods for your convenience.

What is the structure of the course?

The course consists of 2 live sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end, conducted by the course leader. Additionally, there are 4 pre-recorded sessions, which will be unlocked post the first live, that you can complete at your own pace. It is advised to complete all the sessions between the 2 live sessions for maximum benefit.

What are the dates of the live sessions? What happens if I miss a live?

The first live is on XXX and the last live will on YYY. In case you miss the live sessions, recordings will be made available to you within 24 hours. You can watch the recordings at your convenience.

What if I have questions during the pre-recorded sessions?

You can submit your questions on the Soul Sama website. Our team will then relay these questions to Nityanand, and the answers will be provided either during the live sessions or over WhatsApp and Email with you.

Is the course refundable?

No, the Soul Sama course is non-refundable. Please make sure to review the course details and ensure your commitment before enrolling.

Can I share my course access with others?

No, the course access is for individual use only. Sharing your account or course materials with others is a violation of our terms of service.

Are there any technical requirements for the course?

To participate in the live sessions and access the pre-recorded content, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and a device that supports the Soul Sama platform. The live sessions will be conducted on Zoom, so we recommend downloading and installing the Zoom app for a more seamless experience.

How do I interact with the course leader?

There are several ways to interact with the course leader. You can actively participate in the live sessions, submit your questions using the Q&A feature on the website, and additionally, you have the option to schedule a one-on-one session with the leader through the platform.

Can I download the pre-recorded sessions for offline viewing?

No, the pre-recorded sessions are not available for download. However, you can access them on the Soul Sama platform as long as your course access is valid.

Can I access this course anywhere in the world?

This course is accessible to participants located in India only.

Can I change my registered phone number or email id?

It is not possible to change the registered phone number or email ID once an account has been created. We recommend double-checking and ensuring the accuracy of your contact information at the time of signing up.

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